31st October 2017

Bespoke Personal Security Hire


5 Key areas in Personal Security Hire :

We build a bespoke VIP package, tailored to each and every client. Whether is just for the day or a permanent contract we have the right packages suit you. To ensure a successful build for your personal protection plan we use a planning formula, targeting five key areas:

Lifestyle, personal preference, service requirement, facilitation and discretion

Lifestyle is the datum factor in providing your bespoke personal security service, you may wish to lead a safer more secure lifestyle or quite the opposite, be able to take more risks. It is vital to ensure your security is tailored to run in parallel with the lifestyle you intend to lead, to enable it to reach its desired effect.

Personal Preference depicts which methods are adopted and how your personal security service is fine tuned. For example, some prefer our security operatives/ bodyguards to open doors prior to entering/ exiting vehicles and venues, where as others preferto open doors themselves to attract less attention.

Service requirements determined by the level of risk at present against future risk. The service is implemented dependant on how much risk you wish to take.

Facilitation accommodates your lifestyle and personal preferences, dependant on variable factors such as: Religion, Culture, Profile, Status.

Discretion, a general rule of thumb for the UK is the higher the profile, the higher the risk. When hiring bodyguards, we can employ various methods to lower or raise your profile dependant on the lifestyle you prefer to lead. Whether a high or low profile is chosen, we employ preventative measures to ensure the information you wish to keep private, remains so.

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