28th July 2017

Bespoke Security Solutions



Garvian offers Bespoke Security Solutions and Risk Mitigation to protect your business, home and family.
Clients can hire executive protection, VIP Security and Guarding to protect their assets.

Established and Experienced
Whatever you need protecting, be it your business, family or home, the protection of staff, family, premises and property from theft, vandalism or worse is a top priority. Drawing on years of experience Garvian provides excellent systems that are designed to match your performance requirements.

Unique Service
Security is not a one size fits all service, our clients demand a service which is unique to their individual set up, and we take pride in providing operational requirements which suit them and their premises.

Detailed Assessments
We carry out detailed assessments on all our clients, ensuring we are fully aware of their needs. Full risk assessments are carried out and reported back to our senior management team who assess them in order to provide specific assignment instructions.

24 Hour Response
Our security experts will coordinate an informative security solution for your business or home based on these requirement and our 24 hour response unit will ensure your security and personal protection is our priority all year round.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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