5th February 2017

UK Close Protection (CP)

The UK Close Protection Industry

Close Protection (CP)

Is the art of protecting an individual or group of individuals from assault, kidnapping, stalking, loss of confidential information and other threats. It also includes the expert level guarding and securing of high priced assets.

Close Protection Officers (CPO)

Are a specifically trained type of security guard, government employee or soldier. In the UK CPO’s are trained, certified and  licensed through the security industry association. Most clients prefer former Ex ritish forces personnel due to their robustness and loyalty in tough, unnatural situations.

Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers (HECPO) 

Are armed and licensed individuals, trained to the same standard as a CPO with the addition of firearms and Hostile Environments training. HECPO officers are mainly recruited direct from HM FORCES, employed to operate in environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Armed Close Protection 

Is not lawful within the UK and the majority of EU countries, for this reason CPO’s should be highly trained in conflict management, physical intervention and martial arts in order to prevent/deter/suppress an attack. British CPO’s are able to carry firearms in foreign countries as per the local law and licensing regulations, however a team of foreign armed security often benefit from an unarmed British CPO as they have wider developed communication/conflict management skills.

Garvian Close Protection Officer (GCPO) | Garvian Bodyguard

Garvian Close Protection Officers (GCPO)

Are former British Military Specialists, selected and retrained in-house to government standards. GCPO’s hold a level 3 CP certificate and license as well as possessing many years British Military and Executive protection experience. They have undergone vigorous protection skills training including:

Roles and responsibilities of a CPO | Threat and risk assessment | Surveillance and counter surveillance | Operational planning | Interpersonal skills | Law and legislation | Close protection team work | Conflict management | Self Defence | Reconnaissance | Foot drills | London bodyguard training | Protection driving | Convoy drills | VIP operations | Kidnap for ransom | Escape and evasion

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