10th April 2017

Corporate and Personal Security Services


  • bespoke personal VIP security in london
    Personal Security

Garvian Security has a great understanding of the market and we have created a range of adaptable services to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. These include:

Private Security

Garvian provides bespoke security services to a wide range of clients across the UK including those visiting our Capital or those flying out on vacation or business.

We employ high quality security personnel to ensure your investments remain safe and secure. Our security services come preloaded with specialist expertise from our ex forces and ex special forces professionals.

You will be able to tailor our service to fit your personal requirements, our operations team are available 24/7 to ensure you receive complete piece of mind in the knowledge that any personal security matters can be addressed at a moments notice.

Personal Security Hire

Discreet personal protection against unorganised, verbal and physical threats. Find out more>>

Residential Security

Residential Security Hire

Private concierge preventing against burglary and damage to property. Find out more>>

Business Security Hire

Professional ex military security guarding for your luxury business Find out more>>

corporate security services in london

Corporate Security Hire

Executive protection and security guarding for corporate events or permanent contracted requirements. Find out more>>

Bespoke security services

Bespoke Security Hire

Use our expertise to benefit your establishment, train your staff or test your in-house security. Find out more>>

Tendered Security Hire

We fulfil security service requirements by means of tender for large companies, projects and corporations Find out more>>

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.
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