8th July 2017

Executive VIP Protection Services: Corporate Security



For VIP events, such as Royal Visits, Charity Events and Public Launches, Garvian private security can provide bodyguard hire, security guards, close protection officers, venue security and travel security.
For 5-6 Star Hotel services, such as Concierge, Front of House and VIP corridor security we can provide VIP security, security guards for families, security guards for children, and front of house VIP bodyguards.
For executive requirements, such as executive protection, office security, and complete security solutions for corporations and businesses, Garvian security can provide personal protection and security guards.


Corporate Security

Corporate Security is a defensive approach to personnel and asset management, focused on personal protection and loss prevention. Due to the rise in complex attacks such as terrorism, cyber and organised crime, businesses across London and key areas of the UK are upscaling their defences and personal protection with hired security to combat any potential threat that may negatively impact their productivity and reputation.

For this reason, we focus our security guard recruitment on former military, police and government close protection officers who have received extensive training and accumulated a diverse range of hands-on experience in VIP security, HNW protection, UHNW protection, and risk management.


“In Corporate Security our aim is simple and effective:- “Garvian allows your Business the freedom to grow and your Executives the ability to take calculated risks”. In today’s Corporate world your business requires a resilient security outfit, constantly adapting and restructuring as your business grows and the markets change. It can only be made successful by a team of dedicated professionals, experienced in all aspects of security and the impact it has within both corporate and social environments. We achieve our aim through dedicated team work, an experienced workforce, strong business to business AND business to employee communications.”

– Scott Jones (Managing Director)


Core Elements

We facilitate all aspects of corporate security, allowing you and your company to focus on its corporate mission, allowing safe growth as we grow with you. Some of our key elements include: 

 Executive Protection  >
 Asset Protection
 VIP Transportation  >
Guarding  >
Investigation  >


Our Role

Modern corporate security relies upon a strategic approach to management and leadership. The impact of a HNW security company depends on its ability to persuade individuals to collaborate with the security company’s policies. To ensure this we concentrate on the intellectual approach of our security being in proportion with the physical aspect, by focusing on key areas such as communication, psychology, de-escalation techniques and manoeuvring.

We understand businesses may need to take calculated risks to break into new markets, attend meetings and meet deadlines. We facilitate those risks by ensuring both technical and human elements of private security are structured to protect your business and staff effectively, essentially giving your business an iron core with a velvet surface.

Each and every bodyguard we deploy on Corporate security operations is an expert within their field of security. As a company, our ex-military senior management control operational planning, outer communications, and facilitate the requirements of our security guards to ensure you receive a VIP security service.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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