26th March 2017

Executive Protection (EP) UK

Executive Protection (EP)

London, Uk

executive protection

What is Executive Protection (EP)

Executive protection is also known as close protection, personal protection, and bodyguard services. Executive protection refers to an advanced level of private security and security measures used in ensuring the safety of VIPS, including providing security guards for children, security guards for families and travel security guards.

Why do people require Executive Protection (EP)?

Executive Protection is used by individuals who may be exposed to temporary or prolonged elevated risks due to their financial, personal, religious, celebrity or political status. A HNW security company or UHNW protection company can provide assurance and personal protection to those at risk. Other factors why people hire bodyguards may include culture, associates, business and geographical location.

When do people require Executive Protection (EP)?

The majority of people who hire executive protection services in London will do so after inheriting a fortune, or receiving some form of verbal or physical threat. The peak times for clients to hire bodyguards or personal security are through the summer periods, public holidays or after a local crime or terror attack.

Garvian Executive Protection

GEP uses ex-British Military CP Operatives, bodyguards, and close protection officers to carry out bespoke, well planned personal protection. Our executive protection operations include advanced security measures, skilled operators, advanced equipment and a user friendly, client focused service.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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