Hire a bodyguard or private security team

hire a bodyguard or private security team



It is a common practice within many UHNW households for PA’s, law firms or wealth management companies to hire a bodyguard, hire a security team or hire a protective security team on behalf of the UHNW family. Many will go through trusted and ultra specialists such as GARVIAN directly, rather than through a specialist protection company.

Although having your PA hire a  bodyguard directly instead of through a specialist company will save time and expense (initially) it won’t necessarily include as standard:

  • Insurance
  • Guarantee
  • Quality last minute Cover through illness, holiday or disaster
  • Extra Bodyguard hire through termination or increase of security team
  • British military staff, Proof of qualification
  • Background, Industry Reputation, Criminal record, SIA Licensed and Career checked
  • An external point of contact to express any changes needed
  • Security operation management
  • A team picked through experience, compatibility and tested ability

This isn’t to say all freelance bodyguards are unable to manage in-house operations sufficiently, as there are some who can… how ever, for every one who, there are 100 who can’t and by doing so will compromise the welfare of your client! i have heard so many stories of so called “security’ stealing, bribing, throwing parties in their homes when the clients are away…. Choosing to hire a bodyguard through a specialist company is a sure fire way to guarantee you are introducing trusted professionals into your clients lifestyle’s

Premium companies such as GARVIAN don’t recruit private security operators into a clients lifestyle through CV and interview, they select them from their ranks, in which they are invited through reputation, reliability and experience.




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