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We solve all your personal and corporate security problems

Our team of ex British Military security experts are situated in London, UK, the Worlds leading investment destination, hosting more international retailers and ultra high-net-worth individuals than any other city, where we have been supporting them since 2013.

Ranked by members of the UK executive protection industry as a top three company, hundreds of businesses have already experienced the Garvian difference. Steady growth through reputation offers you comfort that we’ll always be here for you, delivering an exceptional and reliable service you demand and deserve.

We use our military & security expertise to build bespoke manned guarding and intelligence operations, providing individuals, families and businesses with risk control strategies. All operations are managed by our in-house team and carried out by vetted sia close protection operatives.



Our mission is to provide a service that reflects our client’s requirement and to return upon their investment, their liberty, allowing them to achieve their goals, without unnecessary restriction, hesitation or delay. To ensure this, we;

  • Use an in depth on boarding (vetting) recruitment process.
  • Build bespoke operations and deploy security operatives at short notice.
  • Ensure our security operatives remain licensed and competent.
  • Tailor our security operatives approach, to fit our clients requirements.
  • Provide our operatives with live updates, technology, equipment and vehicles as and when they are required.
  • Communicate with our clients and adapt their service as their requirement/environment changes.



We use our capabilities and social status to;

  1. Naturally reduce crime and criminal activity within all Local Boroughs by ensuring our overt security operatives remain proactive whilst amongst the general public, acting as a physically deterrent.
  2. Assist local emergency services by allowing our “eyes and ears” (covert security operatives), to report visible terrorist and suspicious activity.
  3. Alert stake holders and members of the community via social platforms on emergency situations, offering safety advice and emergency aid.
  4. Assist local businesses to improve their security measures.
  5. Create career opportunities for ex servicemen and servicewomen.


Due to the fact we are a team of security experts that build our operations and source staff in-house, we are able to offer them at significantly lower cost than any competitor. We currently offer 3 tiers (types) of close protection security guard



We’re about making you feel secure, with a proactive 24/7/365 response unit, to identify and react to personal or security issues before you experienced them. If its a fast and personable service you are looking for, we have one of the fastest response times in the industry. 48 times faster than the industry average – to be exact





Understanding high net worth living in todays modern society is crucial to providing a level of personal protection both necessary and practical to our clients requirements. Being Central London based gives clients piece of mind we both understand their lifestyle and are able to provide the correct level of security to accommodate it.



Providing more than just security is what separates us from other UK Executive Protection and Personal Security companies. We provide complete facilitation of your lifestyle using advanced security tactics and counter measures (close protection) as a means to reaching your desired way of living.



We cover travel to all continents, while this is unique in itself, you can rest assured that every client is provided with the same response time and the exact same level of service.




Your well-being matters to us, in fact its the datum factor in providing the correct level of protection. There will always be a level of risk whether leading a high or low profile lifestyle, we’re here to do all we can through experience and application of knowledge,  to ensure your well-being isn’t affected by these risks.



Using our experience to raise your awareness to the risks surrounding you, we can use close personal protection tactics to mitigate those risks dependant on whether you wish maintain your lifestyle or adapt to a safer way of living.



Our skills and expertise are that which you would from expect from an ex military, high end security company, but its our approach to business and our ethical, supportive culture that sets us apart. We’re very different and we’re proud of it.



The level or risk to many of our clients is relatively low, the request to simply minimise the impact of the normal day to day risks associated with being of high net worth is a rising. We have adapted our services to meet this demand making Garvian a modern and realistic solution to the regular and irregular problems faced by the London High Society.




We are famous within the security industry for nurturing talent and promoting those with exceptional values.

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We truly respect our staff and treat them like family. We have a dynamic and proactive work environment, one of the keys to ensuring clients feel secure is our friendly and supportive culture.

Our passionate team have spent a life time delivering first class results, starting their security careers early usually between the ages of 16-20, providing an exemplary service to HM Armed Forces or Government Intelligence Agency.

They join us to make an impact within a fast paced and challenging working environment. Garvian staff and employees are all on the same journey driving forwards learning new things and growing personally to provide an incomparable service.



We’re reaching out to the best people to join us on our journey, if you are looking to give your all to a company who will appreciate your talent, look no further.

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Residential Security Teams: Home Security, Hotel Corridor Security, Personal CCTV systems.

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