31st October 2017

Practical Advice

Garvian provides all clients with practical advice in corporate or personal security. This can range from the placement of structural security to electronic, physical and manned security measures.

We understand that all our clients’ needs are different, and for this reason we offer bespoke advice tailor made to fit our clients’ needs. Be it personal, business or family advice, we will help you and your staff protect themselves against threats which we deem could affect your property or possessions.

We understand that protecting your family is a top priority and for this reason we will offer you the tools to ensure that your family is safe at all times. Our high-quality bodyguards and ex-military personnel will pass on to you their long-established knowledge so that you and your family can fully understand all security methods implemented on your property.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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