3rd September 2017

Private Investigation

Private clients, law firms, corporations and insurance companies, among others, all hire private investigators for a number of reasons.

Garvian can provide experienced and qualified private investigation and surveillance operatives, conducting a variety of investigation work across London and the UK and delivering top quality results.

Our private investigators provide professional and discreet services to all of our clients to suit their budgets. Every investigation we conduct is 100% legal and Garvian will not break any UK laws to obtain information or complete a job; integrity is key to what we do.

Garvian offers a vast array of investigative services, including:

  • Corporate Fraud
  • Matrimonial
  • Protective surveillance
  • Theft & loss
  • Background checks
  • Tracking

Consultations and quotes are provided by appointment only, to ensure a high level of understanding of your requirements as a client, what you are looking to achieve, and the work that we do.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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