3rd February 2017

Residential Security Team (RST)

Residential, home personal security

Your residential security service

Security for HNW individuals is a key investment as it protects assets which are worth a lot more than the up front cost of setting up the security system. Residential security will usually consist of a 24 hour (12hour day and 12hour night) protection detail, with the size of the team dependant on the budget, property and threat.

Garvian is a HNW security company which understands your requirement to have a service which is tailored to you. Your families safety and the security of your home is what matters most to us, to ensure this we provide you with manned guarding through licensed security practises governed by the Security Industry Authority.

Residential security guards

  • Our residential security guards have 5 years specialist military service with exemplary conduct
  • All security guards have 3 years executive protection experience
  • All close protection officers have been awarded their Close Protection level 3 & license
  • Our residential security teams has intermediate martial arts experience
  • Our security guards have intermediate level 3 medic qualification
  • All our personal protection officers have advanced knowledge of London
  • Our security personnel have CRB/DBS certificates dated within the last 6 months

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.
Residential Security

What does residential security mean to you?

Based on the experiences and feedback given to us by our clients, our protection service will offer you the following:

Piece of mind – Being secure at home and knowing your homely possessions are safe during holidays and periods away can reduce stress, worry and anxiety.

Garvian Residential security is more than just secure, it is life saving. We are the solution to any emergency; first-aid (medical), fire, safety, personal, lifestyle related problems you may one day be, or already be faced with.

Time saving – Our security teams can save you time, we take care of all your routine chores, saving you over 24hours per week! That is an extra 52 days per year to focus on business, enjoy your lifestyle, or go on holiday.

With our bodyguard hire program you will no longer have to worry about:

  • locking/unlocking/checking doors, windows and alarms.
  • Lost keys or key codes.
  • Waiting in for deliveries and contractors.
  • Collecting mail.
  • Cleaning/Parking/Maintaining Vehicles.
  • Trips to the dry cleaners.
  • Booking restaurants, flights and holidays.

Maintained Lifestyle – Our security company will help with your home management, ensure vehicles are maintained and insured and that their MOT is up to date. All contractors on your property will be appropriately escorted and guided, and your house hold staff will be assessed to make sure they are working to their best standard

Returned Investment – Our residential security services often surprise clients when they calculate exactly how much of their security investment is returned.

Clients can expect to save money on:

  • Time,
  • Loss of property,
  • lower insurance premium,
  • taxes (tax deductible)
  • money saved through criminal trauma (lawyers, Doctors, Councillors)
  • well-being

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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