1st September 2017

Tender Security


Being former specialists in the military our business grew naturally through word of mouth. After reaching a sustainable level of growth we decided to select tenders best suited to our business and took our time learning about the tendering process.

Approaching tenders from a client perspective allows us to deliver a product that defines exceptional service without the need to fill up paper with marketing techniques, which in turn saves you time.

Here is how we do it:


We carefully select the tenders to bid on. We are not swayed by contract value, if we are bidding on your contract, it’s because we genuinely believe we are the best company for the job.


We plan efficiently, using an optimised in house library and timeline system to ensure our tenders are delivered to you structured and on time.


To ensure we deliver the best possible service we communicate any pertinent points with you, prior to any deadline date.


We tailer our tenders to fit the requirements of your business by researching your company and looking at the bigger picture through considering your viewpoint and goals.


We have a trusted network we draw specialist resources from, such as bespoke safe builders and panic room installation teams. This allows us to fulfil a complex tender whilst keeping focus on the implementation of our guarding services.


We understand the work involved in selecting a tender, we streamline our tenders to make them easier for you to digest, giving you all the information you require and leaving out marketing waffle.


We are very confident in our USP. Our experiences in the military, working with HNW individuals and being an active member of the London business society adds value in more areas than security alone.

For more information, head to our Contact Us page today to see the ways in which we can improve your current security measures.

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