19th April 2017

VIP Personal Security: Personal Protection (Executive Protection)

  • HNW INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY: Bespoke HNW family security packages.


Personal security is a defensive concept aimed to combat real and perceived threatening, criminal or bereaving experiences. It can be adopted by households and individuals to protect against physical and psychological harm, allowing a sense of safety, freedom of movement and free speech in both domestic and public settings without fear or anxiety.

The physical application of personal security can be narrowed down to the licensable activity (UK) known as Close Protection, which sub houses categories such as Executive Protection, Asset Protection, Personal ProtectionResidential Security, Security DriversBodyguards and VIP Security.

Your requirements are placed at the head of our operations, this allows us to provide you with a service that is more than just security, it is personal to you.What makes our security service personal is the way its operation is built to fit around and into your lifestyle, to ensure the required level of security can be implemented as your situation changes.

We understand you may or may not require a strict ‘rigid’ security presence 24/7, some prefer a smiling face, a ‘good morning sir’ or ‘madam’, or covert (discreet) security services to blend with the rest of your staff.

“In Personal Security our aim is simple and effective:-  “Garvian allows you the freedom to lead a life you wish to Live”. In todays modern world the physical application of such is achieved through constant adaptation and restructuring, then  made successful by our team of dedicated professionals.

– Scott Jones (Managing Director)


> Personal Protection- bodyguards

Personal Close Protection officers (bodyguards) take the knowledge and discipline leant through their experiences in the military and combine it with techniques learnt within the private service industry.
Hire Bodyguards | Hire Female Bodyguards | Hire Protection Teams

> Asset Protection

High value assets require specialist guarding to prevent them from theft orchestrated by professional criminals. We provide complete secure operations, to ensure your assets remain protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Home Security Guards | Holiday Home Security Guards | High Value Possessions Security

> VIP Transportation 

Be secure in transit with our close protection drivers and security driver details. Our vetted officers will ensure you get to your destination undisturbed, whilst discreetly ensuring your safety with defensive and offensive close protection/ driving tactics.
Hire HNW Family Driver | Hire Executive Protection Driver | Hire Government Official Driver

> Guarding 

High End guarding solutions for families and individuals of high net worth or persons whom have been placed in vulnerable situations. We provide ex military guards, experienced in high end security, to patrol, manage CCTV systems and control access to venues, areas and properties.
London Property Guarding | Super Yacht Guarding | Luxury Vehicle Guarding

> Protective Intelligence

Covert operations designed to protect individuals from kidnap, espionage and planned attacks. Our intelligence operations can be used to gather information and deflect those gathering information, it can be contracted as a stand alone service or as part of an integrated personal security team.
Hire Protective Surveillance | Surveillance & Evidence GatheringTracking & Locating

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